all OP worst cases

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all OP worst cases recorded to date:


Editors who persistently use worst editing practices self-claim to be senior editors, when they are at best regular editors, and no one has the guts to correct them. As a result, bad spelling, bad precedents, abused terms, internally inconsistent time interval formats, spread like a plague and destroy the open politics web.

Those who waste ECG Master time annoy every ECG Master into such frequent corrections and refactoring that the only people who can build an open politics web go do something else with wiser people.

The transgressions of GPC Leader, transgressions of GPC Chief Agent, transgressions of GPC Council Chair, and single command hierarchy imposed by the Gang of Crookes are somehow glossed-over in the panic as a virtue that arises in anticipation of a Canadian federal election, 2005. Jim Harris retains full control of the GPC and no one has the guts to fire the spin doctor. GPC popular vote goes up, Harris feels vindicated, votes are split, Stephen Harper is elected Prime Minister of Canada, Kyoto Protocol is ignored, green procurement for the Government of Canada is canned, Quebec sovereignty is easily achieved in the 2009 referendum. All things that genuinely open politics could have actually prevented.

Editors continue to use the living platform and openpolitics.ca as GPC rebelwiki and the project fails because non-partisan or multipartisan users decline to participate.

By tolerating censorship, e.g. of all OP worst cases itself, senior editors convince each other that no open or specific discussion of political party goverance nor the support of internal griping groups, will ever be possible, and accordingly open politics itself is a vain ambition. openpolitics.ca fails for self-censoring.