all OP namespaces

A list of all namespaces relevant to the open politics web may be over ambitious. However the list of all OP namespaces actually involved in it so far should be kept authoritative. For what goes where see OP namespaces.

This is a simple list of all OP namespaces within the open politics web - not all namespaces anywhere.

[+] how to spot use of namespaces

Namespaces for types of pages:

reflexive pages to self-organize the open politics web

all OP client namespaces

Please note that if an organization defers in all matters to another, then, it is in a subspace. Editorial point of view of the subspace will be that of the including space.

Non-party groups

If you would like an OP client namespace for your group please contact an openpolitics.ca senior editor.


Every source that provides cite links gets its own namespace. Examples: