all OP best cases

A best cases page is used for brainstorming and making it clear what you would work to achieve. Make up things that complete the following sentences to inform the next OP:design.

See also: all LP best cases all OP worst cases, all OP visions, all LP visions and OP:layout.

Using open politics we could

vote . . .

vote to say which issues are important and what the best positions are.

vote more than once.

Vote on the party platforms - plank by plank.

vote for any candidates, any platform, that party and that other leader.

After the election hold the government accountable by voting on the legislation? itself. You can even propose amendments and vote on those.

Have a forest of living IPA trees.

Have NGO's creating little home spaces in open politcs.

have sixteen or more houses in the open politics village

Have a fully functional political personality test.

Play the open politics game:

(a one hour civics lesson)
  1. choose an issue.
  2. read the issue
  3. read the positions
  4. divide the room Iowa Caucus style.
  5. elect faction leaders
  6. have the leaders debate.
  7. allow everyone else to vote with their feet.
  8. declare a winning leader (faction)
  9. fax your mp
  10. update the issue page with the best arguments heard.

Place a google ad.

  1. draw people to a poll on hot issues.
  2. give people informative surveys to take about issues.

Support an open politics candidates debate.

  1. have the candidates line up on stage.
  2. put OP up on the big screen.
  3. give the participants all laser pointers.
  4. let them choose the issues with laser pointers (another variation of Iowa Caucus without leaving your seat.

Spread the open politics web to the major Canadian media

Support an open space conference

  1. Bring a subset of the issue pages to the conference as printable pages with options similar to mark up and mail back pages
  2. use these to quickly sort people into "tracks", each of which is interested in a particular train of issues
  3. allow people to move between the tracks but only between sessions
  4. require the output to be recorded and used to expand the issue/position/argument trees so that everything that was actually raised, is recorded
  5. give everyone access to continue to expand the IPA after the conference

implement a living agenda in a nonprofit

  1. Use an exhaustive method such as the WUNS ballot to set agendas for an organization for some period of time such as a whole month
  2. during that month, only items on that member-set agenda can be discussed or debated, executive priorities are set aside
  3. compare results during this time interval to results during prior comparable intervals
  4. if results warrant, pick a regular period of time during a year, say one season, in which the agendas will be set by the members not the executives

support wiki issue challenge tournaments.