all LP controls

LP controls are the buttons, menus and other user control features of LivingPlatform.CA web user interface. Eventually it will include other interfaces like podcast and mobile phones - collectively called worn devices and possibly a war room interface.

See top LP controls and LP:layout for the most recent versions of the most complicated control problems.


Any word that appears in them must be listed in all control verbs. Pay special attention to commit verbs that indicate that one user is making a commitment to others - this is the basis of social software design.

present list

The current list of all LP controls includes:

The header is where the phrase identifying LivingPlatform.CA itself appears. It is presently wheretikiwiki find appears. Describe here and link to any tikiwiki configuration page. It will be customized per LP client eventually.

In the next LivingPlatform.CA, it may appear BELOW the next LivingPlatform.CA toolbar, as shown at LP:layout.


In tikiwiki, "modules" are the boxes on the left or the right of the screen that can contain menus, polls, or other content.

Modules can be assigned to specific user groups:

Those "all...modules" descriptions contain configuration data specific to tikiwiki and are not part of specification. The pages named "_... menu" specify menus.

In a web browser or other Windows application, menus are the options that appear under "File, Edit, View...". The word however usually means any list of options, especially one that is easy to hide or compress.

In tikiwiki, "menus" are the options that appear within modules. These are currently located on the right side of all pages in livingplatform.ca. User menus can be assigned to specific groups, and only be visible to those groups.

Currently, all navigational menus are being placed in the right hand column. No use is being made of the left hand column, in part to avoid conflicts with the more usual use of the left hand column for features specific to websites. In the long run, livingplatform.ca will probably feed these directly with RSS or live XML import, so the layout or directions or expectations of users should not depend on any particular left-side layout.

what appears

The interactions between these controls can be complex. See top LP controls for how they effectively interact.

visible to anonymous

visible to registered

visible to registered as in role or for specific group



Livingplatform.ca limits all control verbs to those that are contained in the living ontology. Therefore: