all LP best cases

List all LP best cases here. Move any that seem beyond reach to their own pages (or all LP visions) but leave a diluted version here linking the vision, e.g. Creative Sustainability. As long as at least one person believes that the goals implied are possible to achieve before the time horizon stated, it remains a best case and not a vision.

Meanwhile, all LP worst cases explain the most serious constraints. A worst case is a set of very bad things that happen when that constraint is violated rather badly.

the cases


  • the candidate portal becomes so indispensible that, by 2007, no candidate standing for office contemplates a run for office without it

  • towards Creative Sustainability, an intentional community or eco-village forms to help people live in harmony with nature and insulate against outside concerns -keeping it self-sustaining and off the grid. As founders and pioneers of this community build and influence infrastructure and lifeways, Living Platform itself remains their means of cooperating with like-minded people with whom they gather at festivals. Within a decade, by 2015 or so, friends and family of the founders and all of the friendly parties, have committed, and are ready not just for all LP worst cases but for all dystopias.