Alcohol is the most frequently used intoxicant in most human societies.

Position: Alchohol use should be banned.

Argument for:

Today, alcohol abuse and alcoholism are a major public health problem in North America, costing that region's inhabitants $170 billion annually. Alcohol consumption by a pregnant mother can also lead to fetal alcohol syndrome in the unborn child. As well, alcohol is a major contributing factor for head injuries, motor vehicle accidents, violence and assaults, as well as contributing to medical problems including depression, obesity, heart disease, cancer, liver and kidney failure.

Argument against:

Alcoholics represent a small percentage of alcohol consumers. Most people handle alcohol without a problem.

Position: Funding for Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Should Be Increased

Argument for: There are many serious consequences arising from alcohol misuse, as presented in the above position. Yet governments have reduced the amount of residential time in treatment programs they will fund for alcoholics and drug addicts. Giving people the chance at a longer residential stay might very well increase the odds that they will sustain sobriety in the community afterwards.