To abbreviate is to use a well-known acronym or other short form of a word or phrase. All abbreviations are naming conventions in themselves, that is, before you can use one, it must be already in use:

- two-letter abbreviations are used for ISO languages and countries and also for provinces and states within countries in NA, so it's really a very bad idea to let two letter abbreviations be used for small groups - accordingly EV is no good as an abbrevation

- three-letter abbreviations are common for parties, but, they very badly overlap, e.g. CPC is both Conservative Party of Canada and Communist Party of Canada, GPO could be Oregon, Ohio, even Ottawa. Accordingly this is a potential headache when groups want to share or fork off.

- four-letter abbreviations are thus a minimum for small groups, e.g. EVil for Element Village, and EVol for evolutionaries.ca