Zeno Argumentation Framework

The Zeno Argumentation Framework described in a 1997 paper by Thomas F. Gordon and Nikos I. Karacapilidis, described in a 1997 paper by citeseer.

"The Zeno Argumentation Framework is a formal model of argumentation based on the informal models of Toulmin and Rittel. Its main feature is a labelling function using arguments to compute heuristic information about the relative quality of the alternative positions proposed as solutions for some practical issue." It was "designed to be used in mediation systems, an advanced kind of electronic discussion forum with special support for argumentation, negotiation and other structured forms of group decision-making. It draws on Henry Prakken's concept of an argumentation framework - thus the name - and applies this to mediation. This framework is analogized to a game board, with protocols representing the more abstract ruleset.Image

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