The Wikitravel_ .org web service distributes content about travel destinations under CC-by-sa. Content authored by one person inLivingPlatform.CA is under the compatible CC-by license and can be distributed there. Content authored by multiple people here is for non-commercial use only and thus cannot be copied there without permission of them all.

Content from there when copied here must be noted as having the Share Alike requirement and not having the non-commercial use only requirement normally applicable under CC-by-nc-sa. Improved versions of anything copied from Wikitravel must be available to everyone upon request, and possible or intended commercial use is not an excuse not to redistribute the improvements, under the CC-by-sa license.

Wikitravel is a mediawiki-based service and obeys most conventions of the GFDL corpus namespace. In general if something has a name in Wikipedia it will have the same name in Wikitravel.


The most important feature of Wikitravel is its use of standard verbs as section titles, notably:
and other things one does when travelling!