Wikipedia red faction

"Hail the red faction! Victory to the red faction!" - English Wikipedia User Plautus Satire

The Wikipedia red faction is a loose attribution that applies to all champions of the new troll point of view at Wikipedia. They were famous mostly for resisting the Wikipedia GodKing, Wikipedia Cabal, Young Jacobins and other Wikipedia cultists who believe that it is an encyclopedia, which it very clearly is not.

The theory of large public wikis, faction formation, debate by edit and usefulness of trolling were all very much advanced by red faction activities 2003-2004. Consumerium.org was supposedly used as a trolls nest by some elements of the faction, as was Recyclopedia and later Anarchopedia.org.

It is widely supposed that the faction was inspired or at least influenced by the first debates between Jim Wales and Wikipedia User 24, and between Larry Sanger and Wikipedia User 24. While 24 is widely considered to have founded the faction, this is impossible: it as it was not named until long after 24's departure, by English Wikipedia User Plautus Satire.

The convention of using troll names and many other naming conventions and Wikipedia policy items were advanced by various trollherds thought to be associated with the red faction most notably in 2004. IP numbers from the US, UK, Canada and many other places were used by the faction which was reputed to include many people of high technical repute and skills.

The red faction receded when English Wikipedia User Abe Sokolov declared himself not to be a member, and a pan-wikiverse troll organization calling itself the world trolling anarchization began to post its logo in various places in 2004 and early 2005. The explicit ethic of that group was more anarchist, less communist - the term trolletariat seems to have been used by both.

The theory of postmodern politics was very directly influenced by observations of red faction activities, in particular, their unwillingness to accept "neutrality" as an excuse to suppress certain "trolletarian" views. A couple of examples:

Overtly fascist projects were also underway however, such as en: Wikipedia: WikiProject: Rankings to impose a single command hierarchy over all Wikipedia editors.