At openpolitics.ca itself Wikipedia must not be cited as a credible source. Only refer links not cite links can be made to Wikipedia.

This heads off serious journalistic errors:As of May 05, 2004, a study by Andrew Lih, an Assistant Professor at Hong Kong University, presented at the University of Texas at Austin's International Symposium on Online Journalism, claimed that it was common to find Wikipedia:cited as a credible source by the media. - the article

During a 14 month period (Jan. 03 - Mar. 04), according to the research, 113 Wikipedia articles were referred to by various news outlets.

His article ''Wikipedia as Participatory Journalism - Reliable Sources? is called "a must read for any PR pro trying - as I am - to understand the impact that participatory/citizen journalism will have on our profession. It provides clear metrics that show how Wikipedia has quickly emerged as a media influencer."
- Steve Rubel

While this may validate the concept of collaborative writing, online deliberation and consensus decision making, it remains a miserable decline in journalist standards. Wikipedia is not an encyclopedia and no "fact" in it can be used. Its convenient format makes it very useful to find links to credible sources.

But no Wikipedia article in itself on its own merits should ever be cited as a source when true evidence is needed.