We, trolls

We, trolls is a rarely used pronouncement by a trollherd. It indicates that a troll-friendly offer is being made. Taking up the offer will result in the trollherd's making all efforts to steer an entire faction of anonymous trolls to fulfil the commitments implied. Not taking it up will lead to the opposite: every single individual involved, even peripherally, in not taking it up, will be driven off by trolls, and will be unable to participate with or deal with the faction thereafter. This is not quite an ultimatum but it is as close as trolls ever get.

Ethically, such a pronouncement must be justified in terms of a strict ethical code, not mere etiquette. When a Green Party receives such an offer, it should probably insist that it be justified with reference to The Green Ethic or Ten Habits of Well Beings. After all, it is risking everything that it is and does, in order to transcend its prior existence and reform itself to be troll-friendly.