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Apology: In June of 2005, Wayne Crookes contacted Michael Pilling, the Chief Editor of OpenPolitics.ca, and it was determined that some contributors had made derogatory comments regarding Mr. Crookes, which are very much against the spirit and terms of use of OpenPolitics.ca. We regret that in the process of providing an open and democratic political forum, certain individuals choose to denigrate or ridicule rather than deliberate or inform, and that those derogatory remarks remained on the current version of the pages even for a short time.

Since the idea of Open Politics is to create an alternative to the rhetoric and personal attacks that characterize politics as usual. Upon being notified of the problem, steps were taken to promptly remove derogatory remarks or inflated accusations against Mr Crookes, without resorting to arbitrary censorship or the takedown of all pages which mentioned his political activites. In general readers of any material in OpenPolitics.ca should be advised against making any judgements of fact or character based on pages filled with anonymous contributions. Wayne Crookes has a standing invitation to publish on Openpolitics.ca his response to any topic. As of October 2011, he has declined to do so.

Wayne Crookes is a Vancouver, British Columbia businessman who runs a business called West Coast Title Search. Since 1969 he has earned his living providing legal services to barristers and solicitors throughout British Columbia and elsewhere.

As of 2007 Crookes appears to have no political role in any Canadian federal political party. In the period from 2000 - 2006 Crookes played very important roles in the financing and managing of the Green Party of Canada and to a lesser extent the Green Party of BC. During his tenure as party manager, the Green Party endured difficult period of infighting known as the GPC Council Crisis.

Since 2004, Crookes has become publicly known for use of libel suits against individuals who have commented on his role in the Green Party, and the forums, websites, and technology companies that hosted the comments.

political activites

Crookes became a public figure in 2004 as the national GPC Campaign Manager in the Canadian federal election, 2004. After the election he remained the lead figure in the party's management, as acting chair of the ERTC and chair of its successor, Management Committee. He remained in this role, and in the national campaign manager role, until he resigned immediately prior to the Canadian federal election, 2006.

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[+] Green Party of Canada financial supporter and campaign manager