Warren Kinsella

Warren Kinsella, who used to work for Public Works Canada, testified that Paul Martin called him at home to ask him to stop investigaqting a contract for his own allies at Earnscliffe.

open secret

Although it was a clear conflict of interest technically, but the kind of thing that a Canadian Minister of Finance often has done in the past. That contracts were being doctored was common knowledge. John Ibbitson characterized the rigged bid as including arbitrary requirements to ensure one bidder got the job:

:"If you wanted to apply for this, you had to have an office on a certain floor of a certain building."

The Treasury Board and Auditor General of Canada turned a blind eye to this, despite it breaching the rules. A contemporary audit of the Canadian federal research contracting process by the Auditor General of Canada that investigated found no wrongdoing.

A Toronto Star interview with Eddie Goldenberg, former aide to Jean Chretien, quotes him as denying all of Kinsella's testimony. Ralph Goodale cited leader of the Conservative Party of Canada Stephen Harper as making reference to "poison partisans" in a previous matter, one of which had been Kinsella. To which Harper retorted:

:"When one group of Liberals calls another group crooks and liars, does it really matter which we believe?" - Harper

may help cause election

Along with the Maurice Strong and Sponsorship Scandal cases, this may have tipped the balance towards an election. The restriction of Canadian federal opposition day rights by the Liberals seems to have also got the conservatives steamed:

John Ibbitson's view of this is that it gives an excuse and guarantees that a Canadian federal election, 2005 will be called in the first or second week of May. A vote to be held by end of June - almost exactly a year after Canadian federal election, 2004.