Visual and Performance Arts

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Issue: A Statistical Overview of the Performing Arts.

Performing arts companies, (including for-profit and not-for profit) such as theatre, opera and dance companies, accounted for $1.0 billion in operating revenues in 2002. Aproximately 60% of this revenue was recieved by not-for-profit organizations. By comparison, the spectator sports industry, reported revenues of $2.1 billion, the ski industry - $857 million; the golf industry $1.9 billion
and other amusement and recreation services generated revenues of $5.5 billion in 2002. (1)

Attendence and Revenue in the Not-for-Profit Performing Arts- 2003.

Attendance|1,347,158|9,495,054|3,346,384 |615,728|14,804,324
Earned revenue ($ millions)|29.2 |176.3|61.3|24.4|291.3
Government grants ($ millions)29.7 80.4 59.5 13.8 183.4
Private sector ($ millions)|12.9|52.4 |44.6 |17.4|127.4
Total revenue ($ millions)71.9309165.555.6602
Total expenses ($ millions)|72.6 |302.8|167.6 |56 |599||
Selected data from Statistics Canada: The Performing Arts Survey 2003. Available on CANSIM: tables 506-0001 to 506-0005.

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