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Re: climate

Pages that aren't put in IPA form may not be in that form for a reason. That is, they may describe a phenomenon not an issue. I tried to justify changes I made, at talk:climate change. I logged in mostly to validate the quote of myself (an edit of a page that includes a quote from me, by this user, can be taken as such a validation). Re: the editorial:

It's not reasonable to expect anonymous trolls in general to correctly follow issue/position/argument form. It's a responsibility senior editors must take on.

The chief editor, if there is one (I am not satisfied there is) must be the one to maintain the all issues list to track what is really going on, that is, actually figure out what are the actual issues as opposed to the buzzwords spoken on TV. There may sometimes be many more, or fewer, than people or the media believe in, or the whole business may be factored differently in academia or science than it is being factored by politicos.

Anyway watch Montreal Declaration carefully, it's tracking a current event and drafts as they evolve. This might be a good time to discover what works and doesn't work for helping a diverse group of people track changes to a particular draft document in real time.
- signed User:Craig_Hubley