Troll Pope

The rumoured Troll Pope is the Lowest Troll of the entire Internet. Empowered by whatever bizarre trollish process to excommunicate administrators who are not troll-friendly enough, the Pope or Popes or Anti-Popes or Pretenders to be Popes or whatever they are sign their papal trolls with anonym TrollPope or troll_pope or a variant such as pope_of_all_trolls.

The terminology may be a play on the more common phrase Jesus Troll. It seems unlikely that trolls would obey a single command hierarchy, so the title of Pope may be totally transitory or false or mocking the actual Pope. It is not clear how this conceptual metaphor of religion goes: If there are troll cardinals or archtrolls, they are uncommon.

There are certainly trollherds who exercise influence, troll bards who justify and extend troll culture, but the former usually have a political agenda, and the latter tend to have more of a Play Ethic. In neither case is their much likelihood a command hierarchy would evolve.

The honorific Mother of Trolls is apparently also granted by some bizarre process related to this metaphor, and goes to the most troll-friendly female administrator on the Internet. This honour has so far only been accorded once:

Troll Pope,
out of scope?
find the rope.
know the score,
here them roar.