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Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia

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View The Green Farm Plan in the official 2004 platform.

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Please see Backgrounder below for draft information on this policy item.

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Version: 15

Thrust: Community
Policy: The GPC will promote Canada’s unique ecotourism


  • Support the preservation of all regions of biodiversity by finalizing the parks system across the country.
  • Develop programmes to manage and market our ecological resources and to preserve the diversity of our natural ecosystems
  • Enhance the Endangered Species Act to offset the loss of threatened plants and animals
  • Legislate the setting aside of core reserves, corridors and buffer zones free from permanent human habitation and resource exploitation
  • Increase funding for implementing the findings from the 2002 Quebec Declaration on Ecotourism
  • Raise the profile of Canada for Ecotourism
  • Provide incentives to communities for the development and marketing of local Ecotourism
  • Set aside funds from tourism revenues to convert Crown Lands from commercial forestry to Ecotourism

Values: Ecotourism supports Sustainability, Community Based Economics and Ecological Wisdom.

  • Habitats and entire ecosystems are cleared with little or no regard for species loss
  • First Nations land claims are often not resolved before forests are harvested
  • Canada with many unique biodiversity features has an opportunity to expand its Ecotourism Sound development of the Ecotourism industry will generate local community prosperity while protecting sustainable ecosystems

Principle: Economic prosperity must be generated through sustainable ecological best practices

Description - The GPC will promote the use and preservation of our forests and parks for current and future generations. Biodiversity is an essential component of green policy


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