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Tom Manley is seeking nomination as the Liberal Party of Canada candidate for the Stormont-Dundas federal ED. He announced this in late September 2005 along with his resignation from the Green Party of Canada: required by a 2002 modification to the GPC constitution that forbids anyone, even a friendly sitting MP or candidate, from being a GPC member while working with another party. Many members consider this to be a foolish and un-green provision.

This surprised some who had thought Manley viable as GPC Leader. He had been the runner-up to outgoing GPC Leader Jim Harris in the August 2004 internal election, and one of three Deputy Leaders of the Party. He nearly defeated Jim Harris, which was largely taken as reflecting longstanding Greens' concerns about Harris' autocratic command and control style, quite alien to the GPC. After this election Harris took Manley in to attempt to head off criticism.

Manley served Harris in a number of capacities, some of them morally compromising:

Perhaps realizing that there was little payoff for this kind of dirty work, and much more to be gained from dirty work in the Liberal Party, with such regular and larger opportunities for self-enrichment as the Liberal Sponsorship Scandal and rampant cronyism, Manley fled.

Political roles

Manley was one of the Deputy leaders of GPC until his resignation.

It is suspected that he might be seeking a guarantee of a post from Paul Martin as a way to bring in Green swing votes in the Canadian federal election, 2006, especially in the key South-Western Ontario seats where the Green Party of Canada could cause a large number of seats to fall to the Conservative Party of Canada.

Party role

Manley was also one of the three Platform 2005 Co-Chairs until the Platform 2005 process was derailed in the GPC Council Crisis. The GPC Council appointed him with Natalie Helferty and Abby Pond, later ratified by the GPC Platform Assembly. However in 2005 the process fell apart and Manley was implicated in most of the most serious of the problems.

Manley advocated a move of the GPC from the current working council to a Governance Council claimed to be open to other process proposals including those that challenged the single command hierarchy model: the ERCT structure or the single-executive approach. By joining the single command hierarchy that is called the Liberal Party of Canada, Manley showed his lack of concern for centralization of power as a problem and many consider him to have been insincere in his interest in such proposals to avoid it.

Manley himself avoed that he was "definitely listening to all suggestions and incoporating many of them in the governance plan." But he refused to take a stand against the GPC ERCT. See GPC Governance by Tom Manley for details.

Manley seemed to be acting as a de facto GPC Party Chair after defaults by Bruce Abel who was in a conflict of interest in some debates in the GPC.


The GPC encourages members (not the actual candidate but any other member with journalist or academic writing skills) to put all facts on the record, complimentary or not, in the GFDL corpus:


Tom is a successful businessman as owner of Homestead Organics, an organic grain elevator and feed mill. He grew up on the family's century-old dairy farm, obtained his degree in computer science from the Canadian Military Colleges and served as an officer in the ()Canadian Armed Forces. Tom developed his management and business skills with the Québec lottery network and then with Bell Canada as the project leader in the development and launch of the Bell Sympatico Internet Service.

As a candidate for the Green Party of Ontario in the Ontario general election, 2003,
Tom had 2090 votes or 5.5%. He finished third, ahead of the NDP, in the local race, even though the riding had never seen a Green candidate before.

Tom then ran federally for the Green Party of Canada in June 2004 and improved his position to about 3500 votes or 7.2%.


  • "The federal government needs the political and diplomatic courage to stand up to international pressure," said Manley. "It is obvious that the Prime Minister is trading international concessions in exchange for the Canadian dairy market. This demonstrates a clear lack of concern for the vitality of rural and farming communities."

  • "The future of agriculture and small business in Canada needs a completely different paradigm. We have a plan that will foster marketing and distribution systems that provide farmers with a fair share of the consumer food dollar. We need to change Canada's research and policy priorities from expensive technologies and commodity exports to sustainable production and import replacement. The GPC has the only viable alternative to the Get Big or Get Out attitude of current governments."

Tom lives with his partner, Isabelle Masson, who is also actively employed in the family business. His son attends Carleton University in Ottawa. Tom has travelled frequently abroad. His favourite hobbies include amateur hockey, gardening, hiking and canoeing.

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