This page licensed

The footer tag "This page licensed" are the first words in page footers for pages that remain under a different license than the standard CC-by specified in terms of use or which were licensed for use by third parties under a different license than "CC-by-nc-sa by Open Politics Foundation." Note that the standard licensing only applies to original works, which in general licensed pages are not.

These "pages somehow designated as belonging to the other services", as they were called in LP steering meeting 2005-05-05, tend to be either:

Many of these pages are likely to be categorized as out of scope and may not remain viewable for long.

There are also pages that should be marked more clearly where licenses may be implied or assumed:
  • those which are public domain
  • those which are simply quotes of GFDL sources that exceed fair use or fair dealing - of which there may well be none - such pages are usually marked as refer links to Wikipedia or as part of the GFDL corpus generally
  • those which extensively quote news sources and remain under copyright of those sources and are used under fair use or fair dealing
  • those where moral rights repose in authors with overt or obvious affiliations and for which Canadian law requires some diligence of care re: the purpose and context from which they happened to be contributed, and respect for that context which may include post-facto identifying license or purpose of reproduction or creation of works

for legacy cases

The informal "licence tagging" advised here is advisory and not authoritative - users are advised to consult with the licensor noted or the original author(s) for any such nonstandard page.
As of 2006-01 most pages were using older conventions that were clear enough only for the few known cases. The tagging is recognized only for these legacy cases and is not advocated for other uses - in particular not works from new arm's length sources - by the operators of openpolitics.ca itself. One thing what openpolitics.ca is not is a general republisher of materials of interest from general news or reference services.

Senior editor's note: Licensing issues and protocols require review and there are some ambiguities. Any definitive proposal must be vetted by senior editors. The above is a stopgap measure that will be clarified soon.

See approve version for a finer-grained and more recommended approach that will be robust for other purposes. In particular for syndication.


A robust marking and versioning system is being defined for GFDL or CC-by-nc-sa or CC-by-sa material imported from other political wikis or licensed for purposes of jointly defining open politics itself with other groups beyond Open Politics Foundation that have no particular defined relationship with it.

This will enable RSS syndication and may include features such as inclusion of CC-by, -by-sa or -by-nc-sa material in the Secondary Section of a GFDL document with the Invariant Section containing the page history or other source, credit and authorship and ownership details plus any digital signature required.