The Green Ethic

The Green Ethic, a global moral order, was proposed by Craig Hubley, Andrew Roy, Greg Bonser, Tom Salsberg and others to the Green Party of Ontario in 2000. It was tabled simply for discussion and to put it on the record. It was discussed but not voted on. Its purpose was to begin some dialogue about the ethic of individual GPO members, not to enforce some code of conduct or set of priorities on them. It was an instrument for bottom-up gathering of our moral values.

It was further refined by anonymous comment at act.greenpeace.org where it appeared in 2001. Comments made by Greenpeace were then used to refine it further.

In its final form it ordered treaties in international law to determine which obligations were highest priority and which lower. This could serve as a global ethic that already has been agreed, simply ordering the treaties, not changing them.

That final form is visible at hubley.org/green/ethic .