A terrist organization is one combining Terran ideals with non-violent tactics, including culture jamming, public nudity and trolling. Many are vegan:
All known such organizations are non-violent, and none has ever even been accused of a crime of person. Some have been known to engage in guerilla methods defined as property crimes: arson and vandalism. These are often quite deliberately confused with crimes of person by users of the propaganda term:eco-terror, more or less a pejorative applied only to terrists.

confusion (partly deliberate)

Danny Williams pointed out in a live US TV interview in March 2006 that the FBI was investigating PeTA as a so-called "term:terrorist group". This reflects the common confusion between terrist and terrorist groups and tactics. Williams was widely mocked for his views and generally lost credibility for making the statement.

The word terrist was adopted by such groups in part to exploit common confusion with the term:terrorist. For instance, the first version of this page reflected exactly that confusion:
  • "Al Qaida is a not terrist becasue first they were Mujahid when amercia want to defeat the Russia. now they are agaist the amercia and they become terrist. They are right and Bush is wrong."

The word itself is an example of how effective culture jamming exploits ambiguated words: Since people with American accents commonly fail to pronounce the word "terrorist" properly, the terrist gains free publicity and mocks Americans as ignorant.