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terms of use

...welcome pilgrims!
...welcome pilgrims!
OpenPolitics.ca is intended to be an open forum for deliberation, and welcomes contributions and edits by anonymous and registered contributors, who will bear the sole responsibility for the content they contribute.

Because this is an open forum, Openpolitics.ca cannot guarantee that the content of pages in this domain will not enlighten, inspire, provoke, entertain or offend anyone.

All visitors to and users of OpenPolitics.ca must agree to the terms below.

If you have any questions about the terms of use, please contact a chief editor of openpolitics.ca.

general terms of use

Open Politics is an initiative to create a deliberative online forum for public policy discussion. It is not associated with any government, political party or advocacy group, and takes no positions on policy issues. The content of the OpenPolitics website represents only the opinions of the participants, who are solely responsible for the content and veracity of any information they contribute. Contributors to this site may convey information from other sources, which (since everything is editable by anyone) cannot be interpreted as an authorized or official statement of any organization.

provisions for the orderly operation of the website.

do's and donts

Please do . . .

  • edit pages to contribute information and points of view which will inform.
  • expect that others will edit and reorganize your contributions.
  • cite the source of information obtained from other media, publications or websites.
  • enjoy the freedom to collaborate, deliberate and challenge that this site provides.

Please don't post any of the following anywhere on this site:

  • deliberately misleading or false information.
  • abusive or vulgar language.
  • content intended to threaten or intimidate.
  • ad hominem arguments
  • derogatory comments directed at groups or individuals
  • advertising of any product or service.
  • irrelevant off-site links.
  • material which violates any applicable laws (including copyright law).
  • material irrelevant to the discussion of public policy.
  • any other material or content which impedes the general orderly operation of this website.

Be aware that your IP address is recorded with all posts and edits to aid in enforcement of these rules.

encouraging the development of community standards.

This site is designed to be an open forum and most pages in it can be edited at any time, including the guidelines for content development and rules of conduct. Participants are invited to contribute to the development of and the adherence to the guidelines. The operators of this site do not review every comment, edit, or post as it occurs. If a visitor finds, that in their personal judgement, the content of any page is in violation of the terms of use, or any of the guidelines, they can and should edit that page immediately to correct the inappropriate material. Otherwise, staff editors will edit or remove inappropriate content at their earliest convenience (which may be "never" on some obscure pages). The owners and operators of this site will not be held liable for any content that offends.

administrators may:

  • restrict access or ban users who violate these terms of use.
  • remove, edit, reorganize, or revert content at any time should it be necessary for legal reasons or for the general orderly operation of this website.

For more information about enforcement guidelines, see administrator guidelines

license of copyright: CONTRIBUTIONS to OPENPOLITICS.CA:

By contributing original material to this website, you agree to license it to OpenPolitics according to the terms of the "CC-by" license, summarized on the Creative Commons website. Full legal text is available in English and French.

OpenPolitics will make reasonable efforts to collect and preserve attribution information within the limits of existing software, and to advance the relevant capabilities of that software whenever time and resources allow.

Your contributions will be credited to "participants in OpenPolitics", or an equivalent phrase in any other language. Any attribution beyond this is solely at the discretion of OpenPolitics, but will be accurate and follow generally accepted conventions regarding journalistic sources.

By contributing to this website, you agree that these measures are sufficient to fulfill any obligation to preserve the attribution of your contributions.

Any attempt to attribute your contributions by any means other than through a valid login will be taken as a release against the attribution clauses of the CC-by license. OpenPolitics reserves the right to delete attribution information provided through invalid methods, in the interests of preventing libel or false attribution.

None of the foregoing shall be taken to inhibit or prevent fair use by any party of any contributed material, as defined in applicable laws.

license of copyright: CONTENT from OPENPOLITICS.CA

Unless otherwise specified on individual pages, OpenPolitics.ca grants to all users the right to copy, edit, and distribute text selections from this website for non-commercial purposes according to the "CC-by-nc-sa" license, summarized on the Creative Commons website. All content reused must be properly atributed to OpenPolitics.ca (see below) Full legal text is available in English and French. (Creative Commons is not affiliated with OpenPolitics).


All quoted content must be attributed with:
OpenPolitics.ca - some rights reserved (CC-by-nc-sa) and must include either a link to the web address at which the content can be found, or the web address for the home-page of Openpolitics.ca (http://openpolitics.ca).