TV debate

A TV debate is central to representative democracy as it is typically the only chance for party leaders to debate each other directly.

federal inclusion criteria

Though it has been widely reported that "5% and 1 MP" is the requirement for inclusion in federal TV debates, Geoff Olynk reports that:

"There are five stations that decide, CTV, CBC, Global, Radio Canada and TVA," Geoff Olynk said. "It's literally the station presidents that
decide who is in the debates."

According to CTV News President Robert Hurst, as explained to Olynk, Hurst's personal requirements to make the Green Party of Canada a part of the national TV debate are:

1) hold a national policy meeting and invite the media regardless of cost;

2) increase their national grassroots movement;

3) go on a national fundraising campaign;

4) be a constant presence in the political scene, speaking out not only at elections but at all government decisions such as the budget and the
Throne speech;

"Hurst gave me one quotable phrase, 'You have to build a national party first and then you can demand a spot in the debates-it doesn't come for
free,'" Olynyk said.

provincial inclusion criteria

Conditions for inclusion in provincial debates have varied somewhat. Adrianne Carr of the Green Party of BC for instance was included in debates during the British Columbia general election, 2001 and British Columbia general election, 2005.