A TIPA structure puts a single a time horizon on an issue/position/argument - or IPA - structure. This is the most effective way to make a wiki meeting.

Such a structure is the simplest way to let debaters learn to backcast to fixed time horizons. Everyone is concerned to get certain specific things out of a meeting and so focuses on getting ready for that meeting in time. To enable efficient decision making, the more structured research that can be assembled on those issues before that meeting the better.

After the meeting the structure becomes meeting minutes - which are themselve easy to elaborate into a full TIPAESA structure for those contentious arguments that require more evidence/source/authority detail in order to be resolved by the next meeting.

Very difficult issues can be resolved over a series of regular meetings with this technique, and it is fairly easy to determine what degree of progress or agreement would be required at an earlier meeting, in order to enable a conclusion by the end.