Shadow Cabinet retreat 2005-03-11

The proposal to hold a Shadow Cabinet retreat 2005-03-11 to -13 (the weekend of March 11-13, 2005) will be discussed in the Shadow Cabinet meeting 2005-02-07. This is proposed tenatively as being a GPC platform retreat.

Accordingly, there is an EXTREME NEED for ALL GPC Shadow Cabinet members to undergo wiki training if they have not already, to be sure that they are aware of all platform planks and have had their input - at least comment. As the subcommittee Chairs for the 2005 Platform Project will be present, there is no need to fill all Shadow Cabinet positions prior to this retreat.

A wiki meeting will be prepared if such a retreat is agreed. Platform 2005 subcommittee chairs will also be invited to the Shadow Cabinet retreat.

See womens caucus meeting 2005-01-29 for a prototype of how to present such a retreat.