Shadow Cabinet

This page appears here exactly as it did on the Green Party of Canada Living Platform when it was taken down for a few days in February, 2004 (see GPC Council Crisis. This page and its history has disappeared from the GPC Living Platform. It has been locked for editing to preserve the accuracy of its reproduction.

In any Canadian federal political parties or Canadian provincial political parties, the Shadow Cabinet is a group of critics or Issue Advocates who would be expected to be appointed to Cabinet by the Leader if that leader became the Premier or Prime Minister.

The Green Party of Canada defines and uses this term because it is known to the press, not because it is ideal given the Ten Key Values or policy to co-opt other parties with Green views (though "shadow" might also be a good way to describe how to lobby an official).

led by Party Leader

The Shadow Cabinet is always led by the Party Leader, and visibly so. The makeup of the Shadow Cabinet must reflect their comfort, tolerances and preferences. Members of it must get along well in public or at least keep differences within bounds of the political virtues.

This is not to say that the Party Leader plays any role in Political Party Governance, a wholly separate matter from running a government-in-waiting. The GPC Constitution specifies that the GPC Party Chair is elected separately to mediate GPC Governance.


These people should be nearly as visible as the Leader, and more visible than the Leader on issues they are advocating on. See press protocol and press release protocol on this. The candidate protocol should strongly favour people with Shadow Cabinet potential.

finding the GPC Shadow Cabinet

The correct Green URI to find the current GPC Shadow Cabinet on the greenparty.ca web is http://greenparty.ca/cabinet. For some reason, it is currently at http://www.greenparty.ca/index.php?module=article&view=118. It has not been updated since the Canadian federal election, 2004.

See the list of Issue Advocates for who speaks for the GPC and on what issue in the meantime.

finding their work

See Answering Citizen Questions 2004 for some examples of their past work.