Security Certificate

A Security Certificate, in Canadian law, is a very unusual license to suspend the usual legal requirement of habeus corpus, that is, to either produce a person or charges against that person.

Literally all Security Certificates known - six in total - have been issued against landed immigrants.

The People's Parliament includes all of these, including Ottawan immigrant Mohammed Harkat, on its list of all People's Parliament candidate MPs, in an effort to give these people representation and voice. It claims to be "a forum is which ordinary Canadians can speak up against such abuses, and be heard."

What Is a Security Certificate?

The answer can be found in this well-researched essay by lawyer Jason Gratl.

Government statement on the use of Security Certificate to detain without charges

A letter from Anne McLellan (Deputy Prime Minister) to David Bryant (chief citizen-organizer of the People's Parliament) regarding the issuance of a Security Certificate in the case of immigrant Mohammed Harkat:

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