Scott Brison

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Scott Brison was elected as the Liberal MP for Annapolis-Fundy in the Canadian federal election, 2006. He was the incumbent MP, having taken the seat previously in the Canadian federal election, 2004 as a Liberal.

[+] former PC

Cabinet minister

After joining the Liberals Brison became Minister of Public Works under Paul Martin. During this time he was perceived as "more conservative economically" http://teambrison.blogspot.com/. He was also leading the charge in Public Works Canada towards green procurement and the trend to sustainable buildings for government use, part of the greening of government operations under that administration:

leadership candidate

On April 23, 2006, he announced that he was a leadership candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in the Liberal Party of Canada leadership convention, 2006.

Richard Diamond, head of the Young Liberals, had announced that he was supporting Brison on March 24, 2006. Brison being the youngest announced candidate and certainly the only young candidate with cabinet experience, his appeal to younger Liberals was obvious. Diamond announced that a generational change was required.

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