Reviving Advanced Hypertext

The paper Reviving Advanced Hypertext by Jakob Nielsen, visible in its entirely on the web, covers features of 60s to 80s hypertext systems that he believes should be revived for the web:

He claims that "to manage a huge, worldwide information space, users need proven features." Among which he lists:

He also advises very explicit structure
and user-constructed structure, both are features of wiki, and especially of a reflexive intranet based on wikis alone.

"Instead of treating atomic links and pages as the UI's only concepts, we could add an explicit representation of the information architecture." The Opera web browser already does this, giving users buttons to go to a site's home page, help system, category listings, and so on."

It seems like progress is being made. In 1995 however Neilsen "listed fifteen hypertext features that were missing from Web browsers. None of these ideas have been implemented in the ten years since, except for Firefox's search box and Internet Explorer's search sidebar."