Resolution to implement gender equity in the GPO - 2004-C-SVE-A

This is a bad page name. ALL LP client specific content IS SAFE AND WILL ALWAYS BE MOVED, NEVER DELETED. However, LP client specific names cannot always be so respected in LP main namespace. In particular those that set bad name precedents for all other such users!

'' A good name must abbreviate the name of that LP client as a prefix. It should also conserve capitals, avoid plurals, and be useful in a sentence.

We apologize in advance for the fact that LP main namespace is unable to support group internal naming conventions. You may use such conventions in an LP client namespace, i.e. GPO:Resolution to implement gender equity in the GPO. But then the prefix would be redundant, so there is no great value in such names.

LP:admin has assumed that the resolution should stay in main namespace with the shortest correct standard name possible. If this is incorrect simply create a GPO: name.

There was also a difference between the page title and the page name. This has been corrected assuming gender equity was the preferred term not gender equality.

Accordingly the name is now:

GPO resolution to implement gender equity 2004-C-SVE-A

We recommend that a public GPO resolution definition be created and a more exact LP:verb GPO:resolved definition for GPO:insiders also be created immediately. This will establish naming conventions and make it much easier to train the public in the GPO policy process, which presumably is in the GPO:plan.