Reg Alcock

Reg Alcock is president of the Canadian federal Treasury Board Secretariat.

Alcock is generally considered the leading Government of Canada expert on e-government for the ruling Liberal Party of Canada. He and Jack Layton were the most prominent figures at a conference on this held in 2001 in Ottawa.

Service Canada is Alcock's biggest project: Canadian federal civil service changes that are being considered over the next two years are expected to move 10,000-30,000 jobs from Ottawa out to rural areas, and to have many other effects, including rural development as the jobs move - see also Broadband for Rural and Northern Development Pilot Program and National Satellite Initiative.

Alcock's plan to distribute federal government services follows on critiques of public management by Auditor General Sheila Fraser, and the less ambitious move to decentralize Province of Ontario services in the 1990s, but it is much bolder in relying more on telework. It might be a major boost to rural development efforts by building signal infrastructure and providing a strong incentive for municipal governments to institute related services like 311 services and a reflexive intranet - which the federal government will certainly need in order to manage such a vast number of people working across such a vast area.