Ralph Klein

Ralph Klein is amazingly the Premier of Alberta and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta. Some of his more famous quotes:
  • "Shoot, shovel and shut up" was his implicit advice to any rancher finding BSE in their herd
  • a free "ticket to Vancouver" was his offer to welfare recipients in Alberta
  • proposing that catastrophic climate change 60 million years ago might have been caused by "dinosaur farts? I don't know"

Klein is one of Canada's most lampooned figures, but political satire actually has difficulty keeping up with his actual statements and beliefs.

His continuance in power has demoralized many longtime activists on climate and greenhouse gas issues as Klein supports continuing the Oil Sands project despite its emissions being sufficient to destabilize the Earth's atmosphere entirely, according to some credible estimates. Klein claims not to believe these estimates, but Klein's own scientific reasoning is not well regarded, though he deserves credit for raising the possibility that methane could have caused the prior catastrophic climate change 60 mya.

Klein's arch-nemesis was the late Tooker Gomberg, a former Edmonton City Councillor who was perhaps the single most visible activist in Canada on climate and environment issues, in the year 2000. Gomberg had once occupied Klein's office and protested his visits to Toronto, Halifax and other cities. Klein paid high compliment to Gomberg at one encounter in Toronto when he said that not only did he know him, he was pleased that Toronto had acquired him, and that Tooker was not in Alberta any more.