Ralph Goodale

Ralph Goodale is the Canadian Minister of Finance. He will be releasing the Canadian federal budget, 2005 in his Canadian federal budget speech, 2005-02-23.

His prior Canadian federal budget, 2004 established ecological and social indicators as a responsibility of the Finance ministry, following on a Canadian House of Commons resolution endorsing this. See Auditor General item 6.

However, reducing the debt to GDP ratio was the main focus of Goodale's budget, triggering criticism from some Greens who reject increasing the GDP as a goal, in favour of a Genuine Progress Indicator. Some also reject federal debt reduction as a major policy goal.

The Green Budget Coalition is trying to influence the 2005 budget, especially to achieve a Green Tax Shift and at least a pilot project of a City Infrastructure Loan program - and possibly support for 311 service that will complement Canadian federal civil service changes that are being considered by Reg Alcock over the next two years to move 10,000-30,000 jobs from Ottawa out to rural areas.