Rail Rescue

A Rail Rescue Package



Canada's rail system is in serious need of support. The largest single reason why highway travel dominates both passenger and freight transport in Canada is that highways are 100% taxpayer subsidized. The Green Party of Canada will restore balance and efficiency to our transportation networks by restoring the viability of rail.

It is inefficient to ship intermodal freight (freight in standardized containers designed to be moved by ship, air, rail or truck) from one end of Canada to the other by truck. Due to artificial subsidies provided to the trucking industry this has been made fiscally possible. We need to reduce taxation on rail infastructure. This reduction in revenue will be made up by increased taxation on long-distance trucking.

Canadian technology for high speed rail exisits. The technology would provide for superior transport service to Canadians in major inter-city transport corridors and would reduce the environmental cost of this transport. Because of the high level of subsidy for road and airline infrastructure building from governments in the past and present, highspeed rail has been at an economic disadvantage and is not viable without federal government intervention.

Specific planks:

  1. A comprehensive plan to encourage intermodal transport
  2. High speed rail; moving Canadians faster.

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