RSS feed

An RSS feed exploits Really Simple Syndication to signals to all subscribers that new content is available - via an RSS reader. See RSS to subscribe to feeds from openpolitics.ca itself. See Really Simple Syndication for detailed information on it and how it fits into web 2.0 and SOA.

authorizing RSS feeds to include on any page

The actual steps to add RSS feeds to a tikiwiki-based service such as openpolitics.ca itself are:
  1. Admin > RSS Modules > Create new RSS module
  2. Complete the form using a descriptive title and proper RSS URI. Save.
  3. Note the RSS Channel ID

By default an administrator must intervene, but permission to add feeds to pages can be granted to anyone. Once a feed is added, anyone can show it on a page.

Any senior editor can create such a module or can request it be created. Normally such requests will be granted, the main reason for the request is to ensure the "descriptive title" fits naming conventions and that the source is one that is known to be reliable.

showing an available RSS feed on a page

To show the feed:
  • On the wiki page, add
    when "n" is the RSS channel ID. Put a title above. Preview. Save.

feeds visible via openpolitics.ca itself

Openpolitics.ca itself has assigned several rss-ids to some useful yahoogroups:

1 gpc-trans
6 gpc-miner
7 gpc-international
2 gpc-human
5 gpc-finance
4 gpc-enviro
3 gpc-demgov
8 gpc-culture
9 gang8
10 gpc-constitution
11 gpc-members
12 gpc-news

It also supports other major news sources: