Protected Areas

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Maintaining the web of life, intact and flourishing, is essential to the
well being of both humans and the rest of life on Earth. In order to
maintain the web of life, part of the Earth must be maintained in its fully functioning natural state, free from human consumptive and industrial uses.

The estimates vary on how much land must be reserved to protected areas to accomplish this goal. A quick review of the literature available reveals that for Temperate North America, approximately 50% is the appropriate figure. (There are many resources for this figure - for a reasonable summary go to http://www.cpaws-ov.org/LFLhowmuch.html).

Therefore our goal for the plank must be in the order of 50%. This should be split up into segments; in the north and other sparsely populated areas, the 50% could be accomplished now. In populated areas the 50% is a goal for the future, but available area must be added to the protected areas now.

So, the plank should be:

1) In sparsely populated areas of Canada, Greens will immediately protect 50% of the landscape in parks or some other form of protected area.

2) In populated areas, 50% of the landscape protected is the goal. Greens realize that this might take some time, however, the goal must be pursued as actively as possible.