Process Committee meeting 2004-08-10

Meeting cancelled - Process Committee meeting 2004-08-17 replaces it.

Rationale: As of this writing, it's nearly 1730 EDT and this meeting was scheduled for 1930 (2030 EST). If a wiki meeting does not appear in the rightly named page at least two hours before the meeting, it is reasonable for anyone to decide to ignore the meeting and any "decisions" it might try to claim to make. Meetings without agendas are just an abuse of process and will be rightly ignored.

If there is to be a Platform Committee meeting 2004-08-10 it had better acquire an agenda, preferably in TIPAESA or at least IPA form, right now. Pick any August 2004 items - at random even! Oops too late.

If a meeting lacks an agenda the Platform 2005 Co-Chairs are obliged to recognize that and cancel the meeting. They may still talk themselves, but, their conclusions will be strictly advisory.