Preventative Health Care

Preventative Health Care is the basis for the Green Party's health care policy.

What is Health?

The physiological definition of good health is the absence of disease; however, there is much more to the state of a person's well-being. I would define health as: a physical, mental, and emotional state in which a person is able to function normally in society.

What is Preventative Health Care?

Preventative Health Care is not just the prevention of disease or "sickness care". We should not be waiting until the problem arises or becomes visible before it is treated. In order to create and maintain a healthy society, we must approach health care from a new angle.

I see preventative health care as as seeking to create healthy communities, economies and environments to support healthy people from within. This can be done by ensuring that all Canadians have access to that which is necessary for healthy living:
    • Clean air and water
    • Afforable sources of healthy, nutritious food
    • Knowledge of and education in healthy lifestyle choices
    • Safe and nuturing home and work environments
    • Adequate, safe, and healthy living and working environments
    • Timely emergency medical care and treatment
    • Affordable access to ALL forms of medical treatment, including alternative medicinal practices.

What is Health Care?

There generally are three major components to health care:

    • Prevention
    • Diagnosis and Treatment
    • Long-term Care

Canadians are angry and frustrated with "band aid" health care policy that only serves to treat the symptoms, not prevent further illness. A recent billion dollar injection into health care has been heralded by the current government as a start to repairing our country's failing system. The focus? To reduce waiting times, increase services, and attract new medical staff. The problem? The prevention of this backlog, through better health and education, would be a better place to spend our money.

This is not to say that we need to increase the number of health care professionals in our health system. Rather, we need to be searching for innovative new ways to improve health care. Prevention of disease, accidents and environmental pollution is one way to do so.

Preventative health care includes: