Positivity.CA Questions 2004

Overwhelmed as I am within a grassroots effort, I will try to make time for your profiling as well; realistically that cannot occur until next week.
Please explore and have your readers explore
for information regarding your concerns.
Our platform is wonderful and wonderfully laid out.
If Green Party is less well represented on your survey it will be a function of other parties having available large sums of money and paid staff.
Please do not discredit us as not caring to respond.
I care very much, but can only handle so much.
Shel Goldstein
Eglinton-Lawrence Green Party Candidate

oh, my, I just read through your questions and could not restrain myself from just getting on with it (oh, dear all the other things I was supposed to have been doing !)

So, see answers below.


On Monday, June 14, 2004, at 11:07 AM, Nima Maleki wrote:

Dear Shel Goldstein,

The coming general election demands an educated electorate to make a choice suitable for them and the country. For this reason, a group of concerned and active citizens have written a set of questions whose answers will be posted online, at www.positivity.ca for everyone to read and consult.

The questions have been sent to all Conservative, Green, Liberal, and NDP candidates within theTorontoarea. Citizens will be updated regarding answers posted on www.positivity.ca via multiple community and city-wide list-servs and newsletters, allowing the information to reach a wide range of people.

It is my hope that you can make time to answer some or all of the below questions.

Thank you,

Nima Maleki

nima at positivity.ca

Shel Goldstein
Green Party of Canada

1)Whatare you doing personally to engage young voters?
Creating an alternative mode of electoral politics, focused on relevant concerns, Environment, Genuine Health, Proportional Representation, Deep Ecology, Alternative Energy Sources, Social Justice, Global Solidarity.
Offer hope, inspiration, access to get involved to build a better life together - join the Green Party, co-create it to become what you need it to be.

2)What is your stance on Gay marriage?
I am in favour of same-sex marriage being available for gay and lesbian couples.
Our society provides services / fee incentives for "couples", the whole concept of which perhaps bears revisiting. In the meantime, any such benefits available to "mixed-sex" couples deserves to be also offered to "same-sex" couples.

Excluding same-sex couples from marriage IS an unconstitutional violation of their equality rights.
Seeking ways to avoid our Charter of Rights is ludicrous and shameful.
Au contraire, we need to enforce penalties of such violations.

Religious institutions can choose any way they like if they want to add their specific sanction / blessing to such a contract.

3) What will you do to decrease the barriers to post-secondary education? (class-size, funding, debt, accessibility, etc)?
www.greenparty.ca Whatever is feasible.
Major focus on very early childhood education.

4) What is your position on moving beyond NAFTA toward 'deep integration' with theUS?
Rescind NAFTA and FTA, or at least drastically revisit. Replace with Fair trade agreements. Careful negotiations within GATTS to prohibit privatization of public services, Water, culture, and areas Canadians need to remain in public hands.
Affiliate with other countries. Minimize dependence on US. Protect Canadian Culture and sovereignty.
Present Americans with a hopeful alternative.

5) What is your position on implementing the recommendations of the Romanow commission on health care?
Implement the recommendations of the Romanow commission on health care as soon as possible.
But moreover, re-focus on developing a Healthy population, thereby minimize the need for healthcare. Especially early childhood nutrition and education, young family support; reverse rising environmental causes of illness, reverse rising workplace stresses as causes of illness. Focus policies on acknowledgement of our Interconnectedness, Deep Ecology. Clean-up contamination of our food, agriculture, air, water, soils, energy use, high stress driven over-working or under-working depressed populations - a body wants to be Healthy, just remove all the strains upon its system. Yes, occasional disease will still occur, but at a rate that a Healthcare plan can manage.

6)What do you feel is the most pressing issue for residents of the your riding?
a) Interconnectedness of all Life, Material, and Spirit.
b) Protect Water, Earth, Air for a Sustainable Economy.
c) Health-full living (to replace Healthcare).

7)How will you continue to engage your constituents once you are elected to office?
Regular townhall meetings. Toronto office open accessible. Wiki web-site for open ongoing refining of priorities and programs. Open to suggestions. Regular column in local paper, distribution of snail mail updates.

8) Please identify one aspect of one of your opponents' platforms that you feel your own party could learn from - ie. What do you like most about your opponents' platforms?
Bloc Quebec is very progressive in its Arts Policies.

9) How do you thinkCanadashould proceed with regards to the Kyoto Protocols? If not throughKyoto(too harsh or not enough), what actions shouldCanadatake towards decreasing the nation's ecological footprint? Should the government ofCanadaplay an active role in achieving this goal?
Prioritze environmental sustainablility - focus & align all government initiatives and policies to protect / nurture our natural resources.
Kyoto Protocols are a good start. We need to go much further, much sooner. And we do need to be gentle progressive, step by step, in weaning our energy and junkfood addicted culture. New infrastructures need to be developed immediately to be in place to replace the old.

10) When international conflicts arise, what do you feelCanada's role should be in responding? How should we make use of our military, economic & diplomatic resources?
Peacekeepers. Role models - co-create a vibrant, healthy, Sustainable (environment & economic), proportional representational participatory democracy - give others hope that it can be done and that it is worth developing. Create security for ourselves and others by creating sustainable local economies and vibrant lives. Prosperity for all not just bullies. Fair trade amongst self-reliant nations.