Pollution is the release of harmful substances into an environment, or the substances released themselves. Most people think of pollution as being anthropogenic - the result of human activity. Pollution can have mainly local effects, or it can have mainly global effects. In the past, only local pollution was thought to be a problem.

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Position: an environmentalist position on pollution.

  • adopt the California automobile
emissions standards, the highest in the world
  • institute 'product-stewardship' practices for
all manufactured goods sold in Canada, such that,
at the end of their life, their parts are reused
or recycled (rather than just being buried in
municipal landfills, resulting in significant soil
contamination), all at the cost of the
  • move away from auto-dependency through support
for better municipal planning and for alternatives
to driving a personal motor vehicle.
  • protect sources of domestic water through a
Domestic Water Supply Act
  • end the dumping of untreated or undertreated
sewage into navigable rivers and ocean waters;
also phase out use of chlorine in water treatment
  • increase reuse of metals to bypass the need to
mine these metals from the earth, incurring
serious environment degradations; ban the use of
the cyanide-leaching process
  • for construction of housing, support reuse of
lumber and the use of steel and other recyclable
  • introduce national standards for minimum
recycled content in all paper products

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