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Date: June 25, 2004 11:56:48 AM EDT
Subject: Polaris Issues Report Card on Defence Policies
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Polaris Institute Issues Report Card on Parties' Defence Policies (June 24 2004)

A New Democratic The New Democrats are the most likely Party to establish an independent and peacekeeping defence policy for Canada.

B+ Bloc Québécois The Bloc Québécois's defence policy will use a common-sense approach that builds upon the traditional pacifist sentiment in Quebec.

B Green Party The Green Party seeks a rapid response force of "eco-warriors."

C Liberal Party Liberals will build up the military to satisfy Americans, while promising Canadians that the battle tanks and smart bombs will only be used for "peacekeeping."

D Conservative Party Conservatives will build up the Canadian Forces so they are better suited to help the U.S.-led War on Terrorism.

You can read the full report with the commentary at www.ceasefire.ca or download the pdf at:

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