Pointy Haired Boss

The Pointy Haired Boss_ is an archetypal figure from Dilbert, representing an incompetent boss who uses casual lies and abuses of process to maintain control of an organization of people too cowardly to confront him. He was originated by cartoonist Scott Adams who claims the PHB is an icon of stupidity itself.

The concept of the PHB has become widespread and generic as evidenced by the Pointy Haired Boss GFDL corpus article which effectively describes it not as a specific character but as a set of bad management traits:
  • "Does not understand what his employees do for a living.
  • Enjoys using buzzwords such as "synergy", "leadership", "evangelize", "competency", "collaboration", "empowerment", "quality", "paradigm", "team-enhancing", and "culture-shift" often to escape having to commit or be precise.
  • Pretends to understand technology, but is really clueless. He often shifts towards buzzwords (see above) to compensate or change subject.
  • Easily mesmerized by silver-tongued sales people peddling management or technology fads.
  • Decisions seem random or capricious.
  • Gross failures of logic, such as holding long meetings to discuss why a project is behind schedule.
  • Likes meetings because he/she does not know how to use email properly or does not want their bad decisions committed to writing.
  • Steals his employees' ideas and presents them as his own, almost always to the same employees
  • Is always right.
  • You warn him/her to do X or else Y will happen. He doesn't do X. Y happens. You somehow get the blame.
  • Doesn't seem to remember anything beyond a month's range.
  • Rewards employees based on how well they stroke his/her ego instead of how well they do their job.
  • More focused on sounding important than being important."

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