Platform 2005 role assignments


How will roles be assigned?

In the long run, we want to enable a process that assigns roles mainly by peer evaluation, as opposed to election (chosen from below) or appointment (chosen from above). We feel that peer evaluation is the best method for assigning roles where specific expertise is required.

In the short run, the Process Committee will be making a one time set of interim appointments.

Not all roles will be filled, and roles will remain somewhat fluid throughout the process. The environment we want to create in developing our platform is one of open and friendly collaboration, so it is assumed that people will be able to attend to and participate in the areas of their special interest. Role assignments, however, are important in that they define who is responsible for seeing that the components of our project are moving forward. If you are assigned a role, and feel you cannot be responsible for meeting any of our timelines, please be in touch with the platform chair, or the Process Committee so we can organize assistance or find replacements.

Platform 2005 roles