Platform 2005 quality testing

Platform 2005 tests that might be used in Platform 2005 Process or just informally by those participating in it, or by candidates and media team in preparation for Canadian federal election 2005:

    • Any Issue Advocate should be ideally subjected to exactly the same test, though not necessarily on the full range of issues before Platform 2005 is in print. The day it is, they can all expect to respond to citizen question on all of it, so they are best to be prepared.

  • All-Candidates Meeting simulation where any candidate takes on volunteers who may or may not represent any particular party - remember that minor candidates, independents, mavericks, and fringe views of all kinds, plants from the floor, etc., are all likely - even inevitable - in the real life Meeting/Debate

  • Go to any public event with a draft of Platform 2005 and ask random people what is on their mind regarding politics that day, in some evocative way that will get a response, e.g. what question would they most like to ask Paul Martin? Have someone on-hand to answer that question for the Green Party of Canada using exactly the words of the Platform 2005, without freelancing or elaborating - EXACTLY the words the Platform uses, no more no less. Is the citizen satisfied with the answer? Get this on video, it would be the most effective feedback mechanism imaginable.

  • Show Platform 2005 to people who have run as independents in the past in federal elections. Ask them what they think, would they run for this party or not?

  • Show Platform 2005 to respected retired members of other parties who have a reputation for maverick-hood, e.g. Sheila Copps, Charles Caccia. What do THEY think of it? Would they like to see their party move in this direction? What would prevent them from doing so? A platform which encourages someone to cross the floor is pretty powerful.