Platform 2005 Welcome


This page is from a GPC POV.

The "welcome" pages documented the overall organization of the Green Party of Canada platform 2005 project and was required reading for all participants.

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GPC platform, 2004, called "Someday is Now", was a new beginning for grassroots political policy development. It carved out a new approach, and implemented a new tool - the wiki.

In Platform 2005, we hoped to continue to improve on our development process, and meet and beat the expectations with a platform that had the range and depth, the creativity and the practicality required to establish the Green Party of Canada as the new voice of progressive planet-friendly politics in Canada.

The object of platform 2005 was to bring GPC members, expert advisors and concerned citizens together in a consensus-building discussion, and to find a plan to build a better country. We wanted to have well thought-out answers to the questions that are on people’s minds, we wanted pragmatic proposals to overcome the challenges that people face. We needed to be flexible, well informed, and forward thinking. Sadly, "we" weren't.Building consensus is never a simple task, and it becomes more difficult as more people become involved.
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Especially the stupid. See GPC Council Crisis and Living Platform in Practice for what happened to the Green Party of Canada Living Platform, and how the GPC platform, 2006 didn't live up to these expectations.

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