Platform 2005 Subcommittees

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The Green Federation of Canada Platform Subcommittees are responsible for the bulk of the development of genuine bottom-up platform planks using participatory democracy. These are not the same as the GPC Platform 2005 Subcommittees compromised by the GPC Council Crisis.

Whereas the Platform 2005 assembly is an "approving" body, subcommittees are where crucial debates and discussion is held while developing platform planks.

Planks are grouped into categories for ease of management, common interest, establishment of listserves. Category names only indicate general subject matter and do not imply any messages or platform proposals. Over time they will converge with well-known policy terms that are not of Green origin, to better enable lobbying and legislative cooperation with other parties.

Each category subcommittee hosts the development of one or more planks, any of which may contain positions or proposals. See the position protocol and press release protocol for how this ought to be assembled.

Planks developed for majority-francophone municipalities and regions will be created in French so that francophones work in their own language. Bilingual persons are welcome to join planks teams that work in either English of French. The last GPC meeting on this was Chairs Meeting 2004-11-18 and the last GPC version of the planks was at all platform planks. Subcommittees:

Agriculture, Food, Forestry, Fisheries, and Oceans

Heritage, Arts and Culture

Democracy and Government

Finance & Economics

  • Subcommittee Chair: Brian Gibb


  • Subcommittee Chair: Alex Drossos.

Community Development and Social Justice subcommittee

Industry, Technology & Communications

International Peace and Security

National Security

Minerals and Energy


  • Subcommittee Chairs:
Raymond Dartsch
Jeff Brownridge


The 2005 Sectors listing has some priority information, and Platform 2005 Listserves host all of the dialogues.