Platform 2005 Schedule

Our schedule

Visit the schedule page often to get a quick grasp of where we are at. This page will hold links to current activites. Most activities on this list are to be completed by volunteers, with facilitation by the GPC staff.
For information about what the staff is working on, see: Platform 2005 staff priorities

We are assembling the platform in component fashion, one plank at a time. Our first ready to print version of the 2005 platform will have a basic complement of updated planks, over time we can add to these.

see also platform 2004 schedule

January 2005

General Activites

Planks In the Assembly

Planks in Development

basic income
animal protection
Government Accountability
Senate reform
Proportional Representation
democratic reform
intercity transport
northern soveriegnty
economic philosophy
green tax shift
criminal justice

February 2005

  • initiate outreach campaign to stakeholders and interest groups.
  • start launching feature content for next generation website.
  • redesign platform 2005 website and living platform.

March 2005

  • assemble first draft of allplanks 2005
  • send "all planks 2005" to Federal council.
  • begin graphic design for published platform.
  • Publish Platform 2005 on the web?