Platform 2005 Process Committee

The Process committee is the "managing" committee of the platform process. They are not responsible for the content - the words and ideas that go into the platform, but they are presponsible for pretty much everything else, including:

Responsibilites of the Process Committee

These are changing - see process committee meeting 2005-01-21 re: moving GPC Governance issues to a Living Agenda.

refer Answers to Questionnaires to, and solicit them from, appropriate Issue Advocates to integrate with Policy FAQ

refer all position papers to the appropriate committee or respond to them, themselves

maintaining the list of participants

publishing the platform and other documents

maintaining the intranet, i.e. living platform and GPC platform websites, especially keeping policy terms and instructions up to date

ensuring that the other committees are functioning well

maintaining and managing the project schedule.

purchasing and logisitics

ensuring adequate feedback the platform, through the mail mark up and mail back, in conferences Rank a Plank Live, open space conferences, bioregional platform committees etc.

They will also manage all forms of less automated and less official feedback, and will support policy salons, (list serves) for members and outreach efforts to external groups and organizations.

One responsibility of this committee is to decide what argument and reference and deference structures to use in Living Platform policy debate. Within this scope are:

The process committee's members include senior GPC volunteers, GPC staff, and the Head of Platform and Research. Some anonymous trolls have been known to use IDs of some volunteers who are non-joiners, object to persistent identity on principle and embrace alleged and collective identity instead.

Committee members

Sharon Labchuk
Dave Greenfield (chair)
Michael Pilling
Evan Hughes
Joe Foster
Eric Walton
Tom Manley
Manon Goudreau
Pauline Richards

Committee Listserve

The Process committee is using mailto:process-gpc@greenparty.ca. Non members may post to this list. No observers are permitted.


The Process committee meets by teleconference every tuesday at 9:30pm EST (6:30 pacific)

To propose an agenda item to the PC, edit the page of the appropriate meeting:

meeting minutes of past meetings:

wiki meetings for future meetings:

Minutes are available to members by request.