Platform 2005 Listserves


Subcommittee Listserves

The GPC Platform 2005 Subcommittees listerves are for gpc policy development, discussion and information. They are open lists - anyone may submit a request to join the list. Each group has a home page in the wiki and a home page at yahoogroups (and they link to each other).

(Cut and paste for easy reference)

Agriculture Forestry Fisheries

Wiki Page: Agriculture Forestry Fisheries and Oceans subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-agfofi@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-agfofi/

Heritage Arts Culture

Wiki Page: Heritage Arts Culture subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-culture@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-culture/

Democracy Government Subcommittee

Wiki Page: democracy and governance subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-demgov@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-demgov/

Environment Subcommittee

Wiki Page: Environment subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-enviro@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-enviro/

Finance and Economics

Wiki Page: Finance and Economics subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-finance@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-finance/


Wiki Page: Health subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-health@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-health/

Community Development and Social Justice

Wiki Page: Community Development and Social Justice subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-human@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-hdsj/

International Peace and Security

Wiki Page: International Peace and Security subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-international@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-international/

Industry Technology Communications

Wiki Page: Industry Technology Communications subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-itc@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-itc/

Minerals Energy Subcommittee

Wiki Page: Minerals Energy subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-miner@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-miner/


Wiki Page: Transportation subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-trans@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-trans/

National Security

Wiki Page: National Security subcommittee
Listserve: gpc-security@yahoogroups.ca
Yahoo Groups Page: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/groups/gpc-security/

Other Listserves

These listserves are closed lists for gpc business. Sending an email to these addresses will bounce to the list manager if you are not subscribed.

Platform 2005 Process Committee process-gpc@yahoogroups.ca
Platform 2005 Assembly assembly-gpc@yahoogroups.ca
Platform 2005 Outreach Committee outreach-gpc@yahoogroups.ca
Platform 2005 Co-Chairs chairs-gpc@yahoogroups.ca

To Join Subcommittee Listserves

The GPC Platform 2005 Subcommittees Listerves are for gpc policy development, discussion and information. They are open lists - anyone may submit a request to join the list which you can do from any of the above links . . .

Why we are using Yahoogroups?

They have great features, like voting, document storage capability, they are reasonably easy to administer, you can customize user preferences, invite others to join, and you can easily manage your email from multiple groups. Not to mention they are free to use for both you and the GPC.

Detailed instructions to join Yahoogroups

Joining a GPC Platform development list is easy if you follow these instructions. (if it isn’t easy let me know) There are currently 13 different lists for platform development based on topics like “health” or “environment.”

1. Go to the Yahoogroups webpage for the listserve – use the links above.
2. Click the button that says JOIN. It will take you to a page where you will either have to login (if you already have a yahoo account) or you will have to register with yahoo.
3. To register: click SIGN UP NOW. (and follow these instructions carefully) if you are already registered with Yahoo go to step 8.
4. The first page you will see is a whole bunch of legalese. Generally speaking (I actually read it all) it says you won’t do bad things and won’t sue yahoo if someone else does. Just click I ACCEPT.
5. The next page is a form that asks for all your sign up info. Select a creative login name (all the boring ones are already in use anyway), choose a password that is easy to remember, enter your regular email, and then fill in the password reminder questions. Do not fill in any personal info yet, and be sure to uncheck the “contact me with special offers” box. Type in the goofy looking numbers to prove that you are a human. Now SUBMIT THIS FORM.
6. Now you find out that Yahoo doesn’t need to know all that personal info, just a first name and a last name, etc. Fill in the “in red” required forms (truthfully or not), you may have to try a couple times to get a username that works – be creative. Once again, SUBMIT THIS FORM
7. Once yahoo has all the info it wants, you will be asked to verify it all. They also want to install a Yahoo toolbar on your web browser. You don’t need it. Uncheck that box. CONTINUE TO YAHOO.
8. Now that you are registered with yahoo, you need to register to be part of the GPC listserve of your choice. Click again on the link in this email message (above) pertaining to the group you originally wanted to be signed up for. You will then be taken to the yahoo homepage of that group. When you are in the homepage of that Group, click JOIN.
9. Yahoo may require you to sign in again, and then it will take you to the signin page. The important thing to do now is verify that yahoo will send the email to your regular email address. If it is not displayed ADD NEW EMAIL ADDRESS. And enter it. Either way you will be sent a confirm email from yahoo with a link to follow.
10. Choose your message delivery, and format options. Type in the goofy looking numbers at the bottom that prove you are a human (again). And now JOIN.
11. Congratulations, you are now a member of the group. At any time in the future you can EDIT MY MEMBERSHIP to change your preferences or leave the group.
12. Click on the home page for the group and bookmark it, or write it down – you will need this link, trust me. :)